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Private Lessons Advantages from Rhythmic Art

Drive, determination, and hard work determine whether one reaches her talent, ability, and potential. The greatest athletes and thinkers in the world achieved mastery through thousands of hours of focused, deliberate practice.
Oxford defines potential as “having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.” The presence of potential merely guarantees what is possible through effort. Nothing guarantees results.
Athletes unlock part of their potential through team or group sessions. Teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution skills emerge from group settings as coaches structure sessions to improve the entire group.
Much like academia, athletes need to do homework independently to develop skills learned in practice more deeply. Mastery, the next step, requires specific, one-on-one instruction from a master.
Rhythmic Art provides the full range of gymnastics classes from baby to adult gymnastics. Our elite gymnastics, who compete in gymnastics world championships, strategically utilize our private lessons as well.

Rhythmic Art Private Lessons

One-on-one attention helps gymnasts master skills quicker through routine analysis. Our online and in-gym training sessions focus on strengthening mental and physical weaknesses while improving flexibility and endurance. Private sessions allow athletes to maintain focused accountability.
Rhythmic Art specializes in rhythmic gymnastics to compete in regional, national, and world events.
Body elements and dance combine with handling small equipment and music choreography to create rhythmic gymnastics.
The choreography covers the entire floor as gymnasts jump, leap, pivot, balance, and utilize flexibility movements. Gymnasts exhibit strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance, and hand-eye coordination.
Small equipment includes ribbons, rope, hoops, ball, and clubs. Gymnasts exhibit throws and catches of their chosen apparatus with various circles, figure eights, rotations, and balances. Equipment-handling skills, coupled with body movements covering the full range of the floor, requires total focus and high-level control.

Why Choose Rhythmic Art?

USA Gymnastics (USAG) parents website provides an exhaustive reference for parents of current and potential gymnasts. This site includes a checklist for parents to consider when seeking gymnastics classes:
  • A progressive curriculum to provide optimum development.
  • Continued education for the staff.
  • Certified national gymnastic organization affiliation.
  • Trial class with an evaluation of skill for proper class and level placement.
  • Student-instructor ratio.
  • Cleanliness, modernness, and safety of the facility.
  • Separate learning stations and specialized equipment for all ages and abilities.
  • Expectations for safety, behavior, and attire.
Rhythmic Art takes each of these elements seriously, providing a safe, healthy, and effective method of learning gymnastics. Our staff uses current best practices to deliver a progressive curriculum that optimizes performance outcomes.
Athletes can experience Rhythmic Art through our free class. We use the free class as an evaluation while allowing the athlete a chance to find out if we’re right for her.
We follow USA Gymnastics guidelines, which stipulate each athlete’s progress through the levels to ensure safety. Improper posture and technique could lead to severe and life-long health issues, so we make sure athletes progress when they are physically and mentally ready.
Our 15,000-square-foot facility houses 10,000 square feet for professional-rhythmic gymnastics athletes and 5,000 square feet for toddler and beginner gymnastics. We keep our equipment updated, clean, and in impeccable working order.


Rhythmic Art begins private lessons on USA Gymnastics levels 2 and 3 with the primary goal of developing familiarity and a passion for gymnastics. Age-appropriate philosophies keep beginners effectively engaged while having fun.
Athletes learn to use muscles correctly through basic movements and stretches. A healthy transition into gymnastics requires athletes to condition their bodies with appropriate posture and technique.
Instructors begin teaching USA Gymnastics body difficulties such as balances, turns, and jumps. We also introduce the use of ropes, hoops, balls, clubs, and ribbons, which play a large role in rhythmic gymnastics.
With private lessons, athletes experience more rapid growth, accelerating them to the next level.
The beginning stages prove vital for gymnastics and lifestyle. We use fitness education and development to promote physical activity.

Levels 4 - 8

USAG levels 4-8 correct body difficulties such as squire positions and equality of both legs and sides of the body. We progressively increase the body difficulties, safely improving flexibility and strengthening all body segments.
Athletes begin to learn mental aspects as they learn leadership skills along with artistry and musicality.

Level 9 and Level 10 / Elite Level / National Team

With essential physical and mental aspects in place, USAG levels 9 and 10 dive into competitive elements. Level 10 provides the gateway to the elite status, which opens the door to the national team and international assignments.
Gymnasts first learn proper competitiveness around their peers as a means to learn competitiveness among the best in the country. While honing the gymnastics physicality, gymnasts learn the mental aspects of high-level gymnasts.
At the highest levels, gymnasts learn self-sufficiency and refine the artistic aspects of performance.
Strategy development and research have become crucial. Each detail, from gymnastics leotards design to score analysis of the routine, requires analysis from the gymnast. The more she invests in the process, the better she becomes.

Non-Rhythmic Gymnastics Lessons

We also provide private lessons for dancers, US figure skating, tennis players, ballet dancers, and other sports.
Rhythmic Art excels in improving:
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Posture
  • Conditioning 
We specialize in artistry, musicality, and flexibility. Whether you need these elements intertwined or separated, Rhythmic Art will tailor your private session to your sport’s needs.
Whether you’re an adult in need of tennis elbow exercises or have a young child in need of physical activity, we can help.

What Private Lessons Reinforce

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends children ages 6 to 17 years old participate in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. Physical activity should include aerobic, along with muscle and bone-strengthening exercises.
 Gymnastics anaerobic natural ensures athletes get the benefits of varied exercises. Healthline noted the following proven benefits of anaerobic exercise:
  • Higher intensity and power.
  • Increased bone strength and density.
  • Weight maintenance.
  • Increased power.
  • Metabolism and energy boost.
  • Increased lactic threshold (endurance).
  • Decreased instances of depression.
  • Reduced risk of disease.
  • Protected joints.

Academic Proof of Gymnastics’ Value

Wm A. Sands, Ph.D., published a study on gymnastics’ benefits which articulates gymnastics’ multiple movements as inherently healthy.
The body needs a wide variety of stimuli to improve, and gymnastic provides that. Sands stated gymnastics advantages in strength, flexibility, static and dynamic balance, learning to fall, safety, and psycho-social elements.
Gymnasts exist among the highest of pound-for-pound strength in sports with highly expressed relative body weight.
Flexibility, a specific focus of gymnastics, aids in the reduction of injuries and injury prevention. The bend-but-don’t-break theory applies well to gymnasts.
While gymnasts learn how to minimize injury in a fall, they fall much less with static and dynamic balance dominance. Smaller startle responses give gymnasts a high tolerance for imbalance and disturbances to balance.
Gymnastics ranks as one of the safer sports, according to Sands.
She completes her study with statistics proving collegiate gymnasts maintain high GPAs based on their gymnastics mentality.

Choose Private Lessons at Rhythmic Art

From the CDC to academic studies, gymnastics proves its value to those who participate. Girls gymnastics provides a sport that encourages healthy eating, moving, and thinking. To excel at the national and world levels, athletes must adopt healthy habits and robust mental health.
Private lessons allow gymnasts to focus on problem areas and gain confidence. Instructors help improve physical movements but also help overcome mental hurdles.
With mental-health awareness increasing, we more fully understand the urgency of developing healthy mental structures. Gymnastics gives athletes a sense of self worth and the confidence to take on challenges in the gym and the life.
To reach the next level, athletes need one-on-one guidance to refine their skill sets and strengthen weak areas.

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