outfit / apparel / uniform/ first class

During the first class, a coach usually does an evaluation of the level of a child. Your child might not have done gymnastics before but might be qualified to a higher level from the start.

As every child is unique we never know how the first evaluation will go and parents might be very surprised by how the child does during the first class.

On the other hand, if a child is shy and needs time to adjust to a new place, coach, and environment: he or she might not show the potential during the first class. In this case, we offer a second trial class when a child can feel more comfortable and do amazing!

Advice to parents: is NOT to have high expectations from your child’s first class. An absolute majority of kids need time to adjust, just like adults who come into an unknown environment. What you need to see: is a child’s interest in sport – it will later develop into amazing results.

You need to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class to fill out paperwork. Your child needs to be wearing comfortable clothes: tight leggings or stretchy shorts, tight t-shirt or tank top, hair in a ponytail, and SOCKS on the feet.

As we keep the gym clean, ALL gymnasts, coaches, and staff wear socks on carpets.

At the end of your first class, a coach will give you feedback and advise on how to proceed.


Yes, That is right. IT IS FREE, FREE FREE FREE. No obligations, no hidden fees, NOTHING.
We are USA professional gymnastics club with huge amounts of accomplishments.


In order to attend the class and be in the gym, you have to have socks on. It is mandatory and NO EXCEPTIONS!


To prevent injuries, please take off all items that can bring any harm during an active environment.


We need to go over minimal paperwork