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Achieve Peace of Mind and Improve Your Child’s Well Being

The average parent who worried about their child’s afterschool activity missed eight days of work, according to That’s more than a week and a half of days you’re either losing money or burning valuable vacation time.

Finding a safe, affordable, and productive after school program takes time and effort. Even with ample research and recommendations, you might not find a solution suitable for you and your child.

If your typical end of the day resembles chaos as you wrap up work, manage school transportation, prepare supper, and provide homework help, then imagine an alternative.

Imagine leisurely picking up your child at 6 p.m., with her homework and your day’s work complete. You’re not balancing a hot stove with work email and second-grade science. You’re making a meaningful connection with your child as you prepare supper.

Afterschool Programs Reap Rewards

The Afterschool Alliance found in 2019 that 69% of children in after school care programs improve homework completion and classroom participation. They also improve classroom behavior by 62%, with one in two improving math and reading skills. added an impressive list of advantages for afterschool programs.

  • Boost in academic performance.
  • Reduction of risky behaviors.
  • Promotion of physical health.
  • A safe and structured environment.
  • Improved academic performance and attendance.
  • Reduced drug use and criminal behavior.
  • Good dietary habits.
  • Reduced obesity.
  • Working parents know their kids are safe after school.

Kids also develop new and lasting friendships through afterschool programs. Their shared experience leads to better discipline as they follow instructions and develop healthy habits together.

The Rhythmic Art Solution

Since 2011, Rhythmic Art has provided after school care. As a gymnastics gym, we offer classes to boys and girls who are either beginners or on the competitive track.

To offset logistical difficulties, we offer bus-shuttle services from area schools to our professionally-equipped, 15,000-square-foot facility. Our maintained and fully-insured van or bus arrives on time for reliable school transportation.

If you’re having flashbacks to daycare costs envisioning huge, weekly payments, guess again. Our prices are more reasonable than you think. We offer a free class to give you a try-it-before-you-buy-it experience.

Full-Circle Afterschool Care

Once kids arrive at Rhythmic Art, they can relax for a bit and eat any food they brought with them. Since exercise and a full belly don’t mix, we dedicate the first block of time for homework. If needed, we have dedicated personnel to assist with homework help. Kids begin to prep for classes after they’ve completed homework.

Our internationally-recognized coaches begin boys and girls sports classes at 4 p.m. Classes range from competitive to recreational for beginners. We also offer toddler classes for 3 and up, which start at 4 p.m. 

Some of our competitive programs finish at 8 p.m., but 6 p.m. is the typical release time. Late pickup is available for an added fee. 

Each recreational class lasts one hour with the other hour available for another class or finishing homework.

Children Need to Move

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 6- to 17-year-old children get at least 60 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous activity. The CDC suggests 3-5 year olds stay active throughout the day.

Exercises need to be age appropriate, enjoyable, and offer variety. Aerobic activity, along with muscle and bone-strengthening exercises, needs to take place at least three days a week each.

Since weight training doesn’t come into play until adolescents, younger children can derive muscle and bone strengthening through gymnastics, which requires balance and body-weight movements. Gymnastics also provides the necessary aerobic activity. sited reputable sources to create a list of benefits kids receive from physical activity.

  • Strengthens heart.
  • Keeps arteries and veins clear.
  • Strengthens lungs.
  • Reduces blood sugar levels (lowers diabetes risk).
  • Controls weight.
  • Strengthens bones.
  • Helps prevent cancer.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Improves energy levels.
  • Enhances emotional wellbeing.

The enhanced emotional levels include the reduction of depression and anxiety.

Rhythmic Art Sports Class Options

As stated earlier, we offer options for beginning and competitive classes. Gymnastics classes include gymnastics for kids, gymnastics for girls, gymnastics for boys, and rhythmic gymnastics. We also provide Wushu martial arts, a combination of Kung Fu and gymnastics.

All courses improve body stamina and endurance, as well as all the physical activity benefits listed previously. Our classes add strength and power while toning all muscle groups. Flexibility, agility, and dexterity provide added coordination and improve reflexes. You can also expect posture to improve with all the refined movements and strengthening.

The increased, focused activity has the ancillary benefit of improving sleeping quality and habits as well as boosting the immune system.

What Gymnastics for Boys and Girls Includes

Gymnastics for kids provides the reduction of a sedentary lifestyle. Students learn the fundamentals of gymnastics while establishing the habit of learning and following directions.

Along with all the benefits referenced previously, gymnastics for kids add the team sport element, which significantly improves social skills.

The Change of Pace of Wushu Martial Arts

Wushu combines gymnastics and Kung Fu. The 4th Youth Olympic Games 2022 in Dakar, Senegal, recently added Wushu to events.

Under certified Sifu supervision, boys and girls combine acrobatics and combat techniques. Kicks, fist blows, grappling, joint locking, and controlled falling, mixed with weapon manipulation, make for well-rounded discipline.

Students gain higher self esteem, bolder character, and stronger will when they achieve the ability to defend themselves.

How Rhythmic Gymnastics Can Focus Your Child

The gymnastics gym comes to life with our competitive rhythmic gymnastics classes. These systematic classes participate in periodic competitions using hoops, balls, clubs, ribbons, and freehand movements.

Judges determine scores for routines to music based on difficulty, execution, expression, and musicality. Athletes display lines, balance, flexibility, strength, and equipment handling with leaps, turns, and balances.

Speed of reaction, hand-eye coordination, musical taste, and ballet technique emerge from rhythmic gymnastics training.

Rhythmic gymnasts become purposeful and independent while developing a graceful gait on our two Olympic floors. Potential for college scholarships also exists within our competitive classes.

Our coaches and gymnasts have participated in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan-American Championships, World Cups, and Grand Prix Series.

How Toddler Gymnastics Boosts Development

Our kids gym seeks to unlock intellectual potential through the development of motor intelligence. Studies show that physical and intellectual development relate closely.

We strive to keep our classes age appropriate, so much of our toddler exercise instruction comes in game form in the kids gym. Children learn communication, along with logical thinking, while improving their imaginations. They can also establish independence from parents, as we request parents to watch from the window or on a television screen.

Starting gymnastics classes as a toddler helps to improve small and large motor skills while preventing flat feet.

Fun is the only aspect that rivals the physical and mental benefits for our toddlers.

Take Advantage of Our Free Class

Florida State Champions, Region 6 State Champions, and USAG National Champions come out of Rhythmic Art. Our gymnasts represent national teams around the world and participate in world-elite rhythmic gymnastics.

Every one of those high-achieving athletes started with one day. Sign up for our free class and give Rhythmic Art a test run. We’re conveniently located and ready to welcome your child to our gym.

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