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Our gym is a 15000 sq feet facility, that allows social permitted distancing WHILE exercising and learning new gymnastics tricks and staying fit and healthy.

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Sports Camp For Kids

Rhythmic Art Camp Advantages

During any school break, you want your child to have fun while continuing development. The challenging part, often, is figuring out how to achieve that goal.

For many kids, staying home during a school break equates to more screen time and less activity than they would get at school. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity for ages 6-17 years old. For 3-5 year olds, the CDC recommends remaining active throughout the day.

Children need to stay active for holistic reasons. The mind and body work in conjunction with one another. If the body remains active, the mind works with greater clarity and efficiency. The CDC, other health organizations, and academic institutions continuously publish studies that prove the need for all ages to stay active, especially children.

Physical activity for children should offer age-appropriate variety and enjoyability. To reap the maximum benefits from exercise, children must enjoy the activity and want to improve.

Gymnastics for kids provides the perfect, age-appropriate activity to maintain a fit body through school breaks. With a heavy reliance on body-weight exercises, balance, and flexibility, gymnastics develops the growing body through a healthy methodology.

The CDC recommends avoiding weighted-resistance training until children reach adolescence. Until and through adolescence, gymnastics provides kids the exact type of physical activity they need.

Flexibility and balanced strength throughout the body give athletes much more durability and prevent injuries. These traits allow for a bend-don’t-break ideal, limiting sprains, hyperextensions, muscle pulls, and bone breaks. Gymnastics gives kids more of a license to play like kids without fear of injury.

Rhythmic Art Camp Offerings

Rhythmic Art offers winter camp, spring break camp, and summer camp options for ages 3 years old and up. With 15,000 square feet, we dedicate two-thirds of that space to professional rhythmic gymnastics athletes and 5,000 square feet to recreational gymnastics, open gym, and Zumba classes.

Our sport camp schedule runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with an hour lunch break at noon. We offer extra hours at special requests as well as early drop-off and late-pickup options when necessary.

Gymnastics camp features progressive, daily programming in a safe, secure, and professional environment with intensive, personal training. Our kids camp encourages a fun environment where athletes make friends while working to develop new skills.

We take careful precautions to ensure our athletes progress at a safe pace. USA Gymnastics levels clearly state what an athlete must accomplish before she can move levels.

Our status as USA Gymnastics professionals gives us access to constant physical and mental development education. Rhythmic Art pursues endlessly evolving potential through new, proven techniques.



Rhythmic Art Beginner Levels

The beginner level sport camp starts with the basics of gymnastics-based physical activity. Stretching, flexibility, and coordination work get things started in gymnastics for kids. That progression includes dance, elements of ballet, acrobatics, and juggling.

To find out if Rhythmic Art fits your child, sign up for our free class. The free class gives you and us an evaluation period without any financial commitment. If we’re a match, that’s great. If not, it was worth trying.

Once you’ve signed up, click on the Outfit/apparel/uniform/first class link to come prepared to the free class. For further details check out the Guidelines and policy link.

We never rush the progression of any athlete. Before any advancement level, that athlete must meet and exceed all USA Gymnastics requirements to ensure a safe transition. As a result, all athletes experience individualize training because no two athletes are the same. Each person has individual strengths and weaknesses, which we address on a case-by-case basis.

Our primary concern revolves around the mental and physical health of our athletes. We want athletes to progress through the levels, but we’re more interested in developing quality human beings.

Rhythmic Art Competitive Levels

Athletes on competitive levels must attend summer camps to maintain a fit body. Our boot camp gives athletes the chance to advance skill levels at a quicker pace.

The gymnastics camp offers more time to train compared to the school season. Camp allows the coaches and athletes to delve deeper into smaller details that equal significant improvements.

Over the years, Rhythmic Art participated in:

  • Pan American Games
  • USA National Elite Championships
  • World Cups
  • Team World Cups
  • World Championships

Each competition allows us to expand our network which allows us to quench our thirst for knowledge. We have established relationships with rhythmic gymnastics professionals, medical experts, and physical therapists. This opens us to direct access to elite competitions and master classes from international professionals.

General physical preparation (GPP) provides the basis for our competitive and intensive program. We must continuously work on using muscles correctly to ensure avoidance of injury and acceleration of improvement.

Athletes can always strengthen body segments and improve flexibility for better performance. No one reaches the perfect level and strength and flexibility, which means these categories require constant work. Boot camp also helps correct body-difficulty areas like squire positions and evening strength on each side of the body.

Camps provide more time for specific physical preparedness (SPP) that includes apparatus use of ropes, hoops, balls, clubs, and ribbons. When ready, athletes couple SPP skills with learning more body difficulties to fine tune artistry and musicality.

The basics of USAG body difficulties balances, turns, and jumps determine what level the athlete works. Again, no athlete progresses levels until mastering body difficulties. Private lessons can accelerate the process, but only when the athlete is mentally and physically ready.

We place a heavy focus on mental skills towards becoming a leader through the entire competitive and intensive program. Athletes must emerge with the mental strength to overcome adversity and lead healthy lives.

Rhythmic Art also accommodates international athletes. We help with housing and transportation, along with our training. Previous international athletes made friends and improved their language skills while honing their gymnastics craft with us.

Making friends and having mix into the progress equation at Rhythmic Art. Our competitive athletes can experience level progress during camps. Usually, it takes a full year to move from one level to the next. In some cases, hard work throughout a summer resulted in enough improvement to skip a level.

Summer Camp Selection

Rhythmic Art exists to transfer the knowledge of fitness benefits for life. Instilling healthy habits in young people drives every decision we make at Rhythmic Art. A big part of our philosophy revolves around making our instruction functionally fun.

Beach practice remains one of the top features of summer camp for all levels. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our athletes head to the beach for sand and water workouts with some time built in to relax and enjoy the sun.

Sand and water offer healthy and effective resistance for workouts that hard or padded surfaces don’t provide. The soft and dense nature of sand and water offers safety but requires strength to execute maneuvers.

A large chunk of that mission hinges on our ability to relay healthy mental strategies and processes. We aim to emit positive vibes to give children the tools they need to deal with the certainty of stress life presents.

With children 3 years old and up participating in our camps, we pride ourselves on helping the full range of athletes. Whether your child hopes to compete on the national stage or wants a fun way to stay active, we can fit the need.

For more information on our kids camp go to the Contact Us page. You can also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or our YouTube channel.

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