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Summer Rhythmic Gymnastics Boot Training

Program Duration and Details

  • Duration: Our summer program runs for 10 weeks, starting in early June and ending in mid-August.
  • Age Groups: This program is for children ages 5 to 11. We welcome beginners as well as those who have more experience. For children who are 4 years old and approaching the minimum age requirement, we offer a trial class to assess their readiness for the program. If you have a 4-year-old interested in starting rhythmic gymnastics, please sign up for a free trial class and indicate your interest in the Summer Rhythmic Gymnastics Boost Program in your message. Our coaches will evaluate if our program is a suitable fit for your child and advise on the best steps forward.
  • Schedule: Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. We offer half-day options to accommodate different schedules, available in two sessions: morning (9 AM to 12 PM) and afternoon (1 PM to 4 PM).
  • Lunch Break: There is a lunch break from 12 PM to 1 PM. Children need to bring their own lunches packed in a ready-to-eat state. While we provide a dedicated lunch area, please ensure to pack all necessary utensils like spoons, forks, and knives.
  • Focused Training in Rhythmic Gymnastics: Our training is all about rhythmic gymnastics. This means kids spend their time learning and practicing this specific sport. It helps them focus better because there are no other sports or activities to distract them.
  • Expert Coaches: Our coaches are highly experienced in rhythmic gymnastics and are committed to preparing athletes for success in both national and international competitions. They are skilled in working with young children and adapting teaching methods to suit individual learning styles and abilities.

Join Our Summer Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Program at Rhythmic Art

This summer, discover the elegance of rhythmic gymnastics—a sport that artfully blends gymnastics with dance. Our program is tailored specifically for rhythmic gymnastics, utilizing apparatus such as ribbons, hoops, balls, clubs, and ropes to create flowing routines. If you have a passion for dance and gymnastics, this intensive program is designed to elevate your skills.

Rhythmic gymnastics is unique in its emphasis on grace, coordination, and rhythm, differing significantly from other gymnastics forms that focus on power tumbling. Throughout our summer program, you will learn to combine agile movements with expressive choreography, all synchronized to music. This not only enhances your flexibility and strength but also hones your artistic performance capabilities.

Our training is structured to accommodate newcomers at any time during the summer, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of the program regardless of your start date. As you progress, you’ll develop your skills at your own pace, preparing to transition smoothly into competitive rhythmic gymnastics by summer’s end.

Ideal for dedicated athletes who are eager to compete, our program provides a supportive environment where you can progress from basic techniques to competition-ready skills. If you’re serious about taking your abilities to the next level and excited to compete, we invite you to join us. This program is perfect for those who thrive in a dynamic, structured setting and are looking for an opportunity to excel in a competitive atmosphere.

As the program concludes, you’ll be evaluated based on the skills you’ve acquired, setting you up for success in the competitive season ahead. Enroll now and start your journey towards becoming a champion in rhythmic gymnastics!

Start Anytime and Progress Naturally

Our summer program is designed so you can start training at any time. If you join us later in the summer, don’t worry—you haven’t missed out. Our training approach ensures that every participant, regardless of when they start, receives the full benefits of our program.

As the summer training concludes, you’ll move naturally into more competitive gymnastics based on your improved skills. Our program helps every gymnast develop at their own pace, and by the end of summer, you’ll be ready to enter the competitive season with confidence. We’ll help you understand where you stand and ensure you are set up for success in competitions.

Inspire Grace and Strength

Discover Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Training Focus & Progression

Our Summer Rhythmic Gymnastics Boot Program is meticulously designed to guide young gymnasts through a progressive journey, enhancing their skills and preparing them for competitive success. Here’s a look at the key stages of development in our program:

  • Foundational Skills: The program begins by grounding participants in the basics of rhythmic gymnastics. Gymnasts will learn fundamental jumps, stretches, and simple routines. This stage focuses on developing a strong base in essential skills, using apparatus such as ropes and hoops, which are integral to rhythmic gymnastics.

  • Skill Enhancement: As gymnasts gain confidence and mastery over the foundational skills, we introduce them to more complex techniques. This phase builds flexibility and coordination, essential for executing intricate combinations and routines. Our coaches work closely with each gymnast to refine their movements and improve their overall technique.

Program Goals: Our aim is to provide a thorough and enjoyable learning experience that prepares gymnasts not only for upcoming competitions but also for long-term success in the sport. Each phase of our program is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a seamless progression from basic skills to advanced competitive techniques, aiming for seamless integration into our main competitive team by the start of the new season in Mid-August 2024.

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