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Summer Intensive Rhythmic Gymnastics Training

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Summer is off-season, and there is time to learn new things, master old things, and improve elements. You can get stronger mentally and physically and be ready for the upcoming season. Sports Camp is all about fun, friends, work, development, raising your level, and enjoying the process.

Rhythmic Art Gymnastics in Miami Summer Camp is endlessly evolving and progressing to reach its potential. New proven techniques and components from around the world are being introduced to our team, which reflects on a better working/training environment and creates a gripping and stimulating experience for athletes.

For the past 4 years, we were actively participating in the biggest rhythmic gymnastics events such as the Pan American games, USA National Elite Championships, World Cups, Team World Cups, and World Championships. Over this time, our expert network got grown and we got to work with many known rhythmic gymnastics professionals, medical experts, and physical therapists.

All this knowledge from direct access to elite competitions, masterclasses from international professionals and wide communication networks, close work with USA national Rhythmic Gymnastics committee, USA high-rank experts combined with constant education in physical development, and mental awareness all these factors allow us to make our summer intensive training program more beneficial individually and optimized for results.

As an example, people with more than average muscular strength should prioritize and focus more on endurance and stretching. Opposite of that, when an athlete has great flexibility, mobility, and stretching skills, meanwhile does not use their muscles to accompany their flexibility, this increases your chances to repeat injuries. It may be best for that gymnast to focus on conditioning to maximize her performance. These are one of the many little adjustments that can impact the routine in many ways including the dynamic, speed, amplitude, and execution of elements. All these changes may be small, but they can create a totally different image of the gymnasts. Therefore, all athletes are different and will need a distinctive approach to their training.

One of the many outstanding aspects of the Rhythmic Art Summer Camp is BEACH PRACTICE! Every Tuesday and Thursday the participants set out to train and relax for a little bit among the ocean and nature. It is great for the girls to get into form. Swimming in the water is a great way to relax sore muscles. However, the best feature is that the girls take in positive energy and it betters their mood and brightens their day.

Every year, we have international athletes coming from all over the world to train with us, make new friends, improve their language skills, get sun, ocean, and beach. Camp’s schedule allows time for training, friends, fun, and relaxation. If you are an international athlete, we can help you to arrange housing, training, and transportation. Gymnasts from all over the USA and worldwide will receive prime information, crucial for their journey to the top level. They will gain professional coaching, advancement in elements and apparatus handling, and most importantly they will take in positive vibes and be in great mental and physical shape for the coming season.

Our Summer camp is fantastic for all athletes at any level and is a great way to get back into shape, prepare for the competition season, and get better results. Our team has put together all the information that was acquired into a program that is individualized and personalized to reach your max and then step over your limit.

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