Welcome to Rhythmic Art Sport Center


Here at Rhythmic Art our goal is to help every child reach their hopes, dreams and ambitions. We strive to create a positive environment for all students to set and achieve their own personal goals. Rhythmic Art aims to become the leading gym in the area by producing professionally trained & passionate athletes. Rhythmic Art is a place where all children can come and do what they love the most. Being active, staying healthy while also having fun is a top priority here at Rhythmic Art. It is also our hope that many of our competitive students will continue on with the sport at the collegiate level, which will broaden their opportunity for financial aid and scholarships.

With our high standards and passion to have all students succeed there is no way they can fail. We will have them reaching for the stars!


Mission statement

Rhythmic Art works to create both a nurturing, family environment and a professional gym. Our coaches and staff are both certified and experienced providing a safe setting with structured classes. Together, we strive to support healthy emotional, mental and physical growth by promoting confidence, discipline, healthy lifestyle and most importantly the acceptance of people from all walks of life.